Access networks

Access networks

Access network is one of key components of a telecommunication infrastructure, and an expense for their creation and modernization, as a rule, comprises a significant part of operators' budgets. Solutions of access networks should correspond to rigid requirements of efficiency, reliability and simplicity of operation at optimum investment expenses.


The wide spectrum of access technologies in INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA portfolio allows to develop solutions which correspond as much as possible to problems of customers’ business development and consider features of an existing infrastructure:

  • xDSL technologies (ASDSL2, ADSL2 +) allow to use existing copper communication lines effectively.
  • PON (Passive Optical Networks) GPON, EPON, enable to build treelike optical topology with use of passive splitters and to provide transfer of the television and telephone traffic.
  • Metro Ethernet technologies, L2VPN, TLS allow users to organize cheap high-speed access with the guaranteed quality of service QoS.
  • PDH networks access technology to TDM environment which is widely used by traditional operators of communication.


Contemporary access technologies allow operators of communication to introduce different services: from access to the Internet for house users up to Triple Play services and corporate networks on VPN basis. The wide range of solutions for aggregation and termination of PPP, MetroEthernet, IP, TDM and allows to make other types of the user traffic an optimum choice at the organization of universal unit of access. Solutions of AMT-GROUP for the organization of an independent choice by the user of services by means of WEB portal allow to reduce operating costs and to give subscribers additional service. We offer flexible solutions for tariffing and gathering of the user statistics which are capable to satisfy not only today’s, but also future requirements of our Clients.

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