«Inverson Technologies SA» carries out the following kinds of activities in digital TV broadcasting:

  • network design;
  • estimation and determination of necessary composition of equipment;
  • preparation and coordination of equipment list for customers;
  • signing of contracts and preparation of orders for production;
  • equipment delivery to customers and customs clearance;
  • support and implementation of projects for commissioning of equipment;
  • installation and adjustment of equipment;
  • maintenance and repair of equipment.

1) Network design

Our experts carry out location analysis and network design in accordance with customers’ requirements.
In this activity, we use special, well-known software tools such as ICS Telecom (ATDI), RadioMobile, and also special software from equipment manufacturers.

2) Support and implementation of projects for commissioning of equipment

Our staff have great experience in support and implementation of projects on introducing telecommunication systems. We are able to offer our company’s qualified staff who are specialized as project managers, and also staff who have work experience as supervisors.
It should be taken into account that we are able to offer implementation of projects on supervisor basis as well as “turnkey” basis.
Development and implementation of “turnkey” basis projects on digital TV broadcasting may include as follows:

  • implementation of program multiplexing head-end station
  • MFN and SFN design based on existing transmission towers with optimization of installation places for transmitters
  • calculation of ERP levels and estimated antenna patterns for existing transmission towers and receiving conditions: fixed, portable and mobile
  • elaboration of specification on antenna-feeder systems for transmitting stations
  • optimization of operation of digital transmitters and repeaters
  • setting of synchronous mode (in case of SFN).

3) Equipment installation

Our experts carry out installation and adjustment of TV broadcasting systems, and also auxiliary equipment and systems (towers and antenna connections, diesel engine generators and power systems).

4) Maintenance and repair of equipment

Our company is ready to carry out activities on technical support (maintenance) and repair of equipment and systems used by customers. These activities include:

  • Operation of so-called Call Center for rapid response to customers’ requests and for preliminary analysis of problems and determination of further corrective actions;
  • Elimination of problems found and potential problems in operation of equipment by way of urgent and periodic maintenance;
  • Organization of repair and replacement of faulty equipment units at the factory as well as at local sites by company experts and facilities.

Digital Television broadcasting equipment

Optical interfaces & Converters
NEC covers diverse markets and locations with two types of optical interfaces for long-distance transmission.

Whatever your requirements for a CODEC system, NEC has an optimum solution. Our broad line-up includes MPEG-2, MPEG-4, IP and ISDBT encoder/decoders.

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