IP video surveillance

IP video surveillance

Inverson Technologies SA the end-to-end networking solutions provider for business, offers a wide range of IP surveillance solutions designed for Client's organizational needs. We support organizations from diverse industries to monitor their premises including campuses, parking lots and driveways, hotels, casinos, gymnasiums, cafeterias and restaurants, receptionist areas, corridors, and warehouses across the world document incidents, enhance safety, and monitor valuable assets. We help keep buildings, employees and records safe.
Our IP video surveillance solutions allow users to monitor, store and archive video, audio, and associated application data over the Internet or private intranets. They have proven their value in a wide range of applications and consistently surpass traditional analog CCTV and DVR systems in terms of flexibility, performance, and cost considerations.

Benefits of IP Video Surveillance Solution

Due to a high scalability of use of existing IP infrastructure, high security encryption, high image quality, advanced features such as digital zoom, and remote accessibility, our end-to-end video surveillance solutions are becoming the preference over analog camera solutions to send automated alerts and record video when security events occur, record to low cost disk storage, index and search-enable archived video and audio, flexibly adjust to handle different schedules, personnel alerts, device alerts, and granular event triggers.

Key benefits of Inverson Technologies SA end-to-end video surveillance solution include:

  • completely integrated and proven
  • certified with leading video surveillance software
  • single source of support
  • multivendor full line of IP cameras and switches
  • price performance leading IP storage

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