Optical transport network

Optical transport network

Complex systems of data transmission

Telecommunications solutions provided by INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA enable to expand functionalities of company infrastructure, introduce new services and processes, substantially improve network parameters: connection speed, amount of probable connections, security, fault tolerance, scalability and other criteria.
While designing data transmission systems, experts from INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA strive to increase economic efficiency of using network technologies for transition to optimal schemes of resource operation, to provide an opportunity for upgrade telecommunication infrastructure without significant expenditures.
INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA offers solutions and is the partner of such companies as NEC, Cisco, Tandberg, Transmode AB, Zyxel, RuggedCom, D-Link. Thus, INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA is a leading company for today, capable to offer integrated solutions of all world leaders in development and manufacturing of LAN \WAN equipment and technologies.

Solutions and Services provided by INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA

  • Videoconferencing systems;
  • Multi-service networks (LAN/WAN);
  • Access networks and backbone networks for communication services operators;
  • Wireless networks;
  • Optical transport networks;
  • Telecommunication solutions for data-processing centers;
  • Monitoring and network management systems;
  • Network safety;
  • Optimization of data transmission systems.

INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA carries out the whole range of works on development, installation, adjustment and documentation of optical transport networks of various scales.

What is OTN?
Optical transport networks represent the basic infrastructure intended for high-speed data transfer of data transmission networks, multi-service networks, storage networks at distances of dozens and hundreds of kilometers.

Application area

  • Consolidation of storage networks and/or data-processing centers of various organizations
  • Construction of city and regional scale operator transport system


INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA offers up to date architectural solutions on building of optical networks on the basis of the following technologies:

  • DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing - technology of dense spectral multiplexing)
  • CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing - technology of rough spectral multiplexing)
  • SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy - synchronous digital hierarchy)
  • Packet over SONET/SDH
  • DPT (Dynamic Packet Transport)

Features of our solutions

  • High throughput capacity 
    Tens of information streams (from 100 Mbps up to 10 Gbps) can simultaneously be transferred by one pair of optical cable.
  • Fault tolerance
    Equipment used allows for redundancy with various degrees of reliability, of up to full redundancy of interfaces under 1+1 system.
  • Speed of restoration 
    In case of cable break or malfunction of the equipment, switching to reserve data link is made during several milliseconds without loss of the information.
  • Scalability
    If it is necessary, end-to-end increase in throughput capacity on the whole extent of the network is made without replacement of previously installed equipment.
  • Transparency 
    Information of E1, STM-n, Packet over SONET, Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet/10GB Ethernet, Fiber Channel, FICON, ESCON standards can be transferred through optical networks, transport of video signals (D1, HDTV) is provided.

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