Videoconferencing systems

Modern telecommunication technologies provide an opportunity for comprehensive business communication, irrespective of where participants are located. One of the innovative solutions for organizing business communication today is videoconferencing (VC) – the convenient and effective means of collective work.
Through establishment of a videoconferencing system, Inverson  opens ample opportunities for communication between employees of enterprise corporate and employees from branches located in other cities, as well as partners located at remote offices.
Video conferencing is also successfully applied in organizing remote training, by mass media in reporting from locations, telemedicine and other information systems.
VC corporate systems allow for all traditional formats of business communication: meetings-discussions, conference calls, negotiations, executive addresses, seminars, presentations and many other things.

Economic benefit of introducing videoconferencing systems

Based on the experience of large corporations, the costs of establishing the system, with the system being in active use, pay off within first two to three years. It happens for the following reasons:

  • Cost per minute of videoconferencing is comparable with the cost per
  • minute of mobile communication;
  • Business trip costs of employees considerably decrease;
  • Expensive work time of company executives and highly skilled experts is freed up;
  • fficiency and management efficiency of the enterprise increase.

Capabilities of videoconferencing

Inverson  designs and installs videoconferencing systems giving users an opportunity for a session of face to face communication, or a meeting with many participants.
During a videoconferencing session, the followings are accessible:

  • holding presentations and teamwork using documents simultaneously with a video conferencing session;
  • Two basic modes of displaying participants on VC monitors: activation by voice (image of participant appears on screens at all
  • telepresence participants are simultaneously displayed on the screen);?participants when he switches on a microphone and starts to talk; or (more than 12 other constant
  • Local and-or remote management of VC equipment according to a meeting format (switch on/off of microphones, change in allocation of images, etc.);
  • Support of various speeds of connection for different participants, which is relevant in case participants have unequal possibilities for spending bandwith for VC traffic.

The equipment for videoconferencing

The equipment for videoconferencing used by Inverson , provides for high quality of transfer of all types of information: voices, "live" video-image, as well as presentations, animation, clips and pages of documents.
Technologies applied to transfer of speech, provide for stereo sound, making communication as comfortable as possible. Quality of video image transmission in many respects is determined by properties of a transport network, in particular, the available bandwith of the backbone channels.
Transfer of presentation slides is realized with definition of up to XGA (1024х768), and the slides are transmitted as the second, auxiliary stream of video image. This feature allows for simultaneous viewing of slides and other participants on the monitor.
The main equipment as part of videoconferencing system is as follows:

  • Terminal (user's) equipment (is installed in conference halls and call rooms, at workstations of company executives and employees);
  • Server infrastructure - the servers enable holding of sessions of multipoint video conferencing, numbering servers enabling management of calls in the system, and gateways between transport environments of different types;
  • Automated workstations of system managers.

Besides VC equipment, Inverson equips on an integrated basis conference halls with congress-systems, video cameras, VHS/DVD-players, voice-over and lighting, air-conditioning and other engineering systems. To operate a complex of systems of a conference hall it is convenient to use the integrated control system with touch panels.

Videoconferencing and telecommunication infrastructure of the enterprise

VC systems are constructed on the basis of telecommunication transport networks. As a rule, corporate data network is used as a transport network, which condition is quality of the operation of VC system largely dependent upon.
To prepare for introduction of a videoconferencing system, Inverson  conducts an audit of the condition of telecommunication infrastructure and, if necessary, carries out upgrade of the transport network to achieve quality operation of VC.

Stages of introduction of videoconferencing system

Inverson  carries out a range of works on establishing and servicing of video conferencing systems, including:

  • Technical design of system;
  • Development of design-budget documentation;
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Training of customer’s personnel;
  • Installation and adjustment of system;
  • Commissioning into commercial operation;
  • Options of support for VC systems: guarantee/post-guarantee or expanded service.

The structure of standard guarantee to support equipment of videoconferencing system includes consultation on technical issues of operation of the equipment, replacement of malfunctioned equipment and updating of special software.
Service support for VC systems provides for complex maintenance service of the equipment, including not only solutions to current technical problems, but also measures for preventing failures in operation of videoconferencing system.

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