INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA offers to corporate Clients for whom the information system is a key element of the business, a full package of engineering support of a network infrastructure. The unique complex of complementary service components enables to choose a set of services which will optimally correspond to real requirements of business. Services of INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA – is a tool for reception of competitive advantages at all stages of life cycle of a network - planning, introduction, operation, optimization and modernization.

Designing and installation

Designing and installation services are aimed at reduction of commissioning terms of high technologies and development of network infrastructure of the customer, minimization of risks of introduction. Service includes a full complex of works from specification of the technical project before carrying out of acceptance tests. The advanced methods of management of INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA projects allow the customer to supervise all stages of works and provide end of the project in time and within the limits of the budget.

Base technical support

Base technical support contains a set of the subscription services directed on minimization of time of network restoration at occurrence of supernumerary situations. Service includes technical consultations, reservation and advancing replacement of the failed equipment, service of express delivery and traveling engineers. Services of base technical support guarantee fixed time of reaction for inquiries of the customer. Service is given at a level of network devices and allows to choose optimum time of reaction and a level of technical support

Proactive support

Proactive support – is a complex of the strategic actions directed on prevention of problems in network operation. Service includes tool monitoring of the customer’s network, proactive technical consultations and audits. Being based on knowledge of customer’s network design and operation features, allocated engineers of a proactive team provide minimal time of restoration of working capacity after failures. Constant monitoring and regular audits allow to identify potential threats of working network capacity and considerably to reduce number of jet inquiries.


IT-outsourcing is service, which allows one organization to transfer part of functions (or all to function) on management of the IT-infrastructure to another one. The primary goal of outsourcing – is transformation of minor functions of maintenance of ability to live of the company to the foreign organizations with the purpose of efficiency increase of main business-problems performance. Within the limits of outsourcing supports INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA offers «Monitoring and management» service. The given service is offered to customers who are interested in maintenance of guarantees of availability and a continuity of IT-infrastructure functioning, reduction of the expenses connected with its functioning, liberation of resources of the engineering staff. In addition to base and proactive support, outsourcer-company provides functions of on-line monitoring and management of a network infrastructure of the customer. Part (or whole) responsibility for functioning of the IT-infrastructure, customer can divide with INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA. Monitoring and management of the active network equipment and services - integration of resources, experience and knowledge of INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA into managerial process by a customer’s network of the customer, guaranteeing from INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA coordinated degree of quality, availability and continuity of functioning IT-infrastructure. INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA shares responsibility for reception of the maximal feedback from a network infrastructure with the customer. Service includes all complex of base and proactive support, and also provides continuous monitoring, management and performance of daily operations on maintenance of work of a customer network. Efficiency of service is provided with the most advanced technical development, precisely registered business-processes and the documentation, formalized and coordinated by SLA parties, and, certainly, the unique experience which has been saved up by INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA experts.

Single services

Single services and supplement subscription kinds of services allow INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA flexibly react to change of requirements of customers. The set of single services includes works on installation and configuration of the equipment, carrying out of audits, modeling of technical solutions, unitary repairs of the equipment and time services of the certificated engineers.

Translation services

INVERSON TECHNOLOGIES SA offers translation of legal, financial, and technical documents in writing from English into Russian, and vice versa. Our translators possess the adequate qualification and competence for qualitative translation of the documents of any complexity and subject within the shortest possible time.